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Issues In Texas


Texas has an interesting position when it comes to immigration & the Border. There is over 1,200 miles of border with Mexico much of it is ranch land, we have individuals owning that land & trying to protect it. The Federal Government in Washington has failed miserably at protecting, American lives & property. Daily our citizens are met with crimes ranging from sex/human trafficking, drug smuggling, the crime of the Mexican Cartels has began to make it's way across the Border onto American Ranches & effect Texas Ranchers causing them to fear for their lives & families. It is Up to Texas Legislature to Step up to provide the needed resources of technology & Manpower to support our residents living on the Border& secure it therefore saving innocent lives. Washington has tied the Border Patrol Hands, costing several agents their lives, this should not be allowed on Texas Land. Why are We letting Washington Dictate How we defend the State We Live in? All that needs to be done is to enforce the present Laws on the books, there is a way to citizenship in America & Many have followed it, those that fail to follow the law are Lawbreakers & should not be allowed the freedoms WE Have as Americans.


Update 8-8-2014

It has been my belief that an open Border might work in Texas, yet since I believe in actually listening to the people I plan to represent (citizens of District 10), the ones actually out there working & paying taxes, it has been brought to my attention that basically the beliefs I carry near to my heart "It's your life to live so go forth & do NO harm to others" is not possible at this time due to our present welfare state mentality. 

The question is where will the funding come from to feed, house, and educate all these extra people.  The simple answer is the state.  The arguments are that churches, food-banks, & these types of organizations will handle this but if this is fact why do we have homeless and hungry living on our streets already?  Some of them are sitting under bridges right next to churches.  I do believe this is demonstrating that this is not a TRUE solution.  California is a prime example of how open-armed acceptance of Illegals being accepted has bankrupted a state. 

I have been asked by some unknowledgeable people, “But what about the children showing up at the border?”  I guess it would depend on where you define the age of child.  One stated 10 years old and I said ok so we got one percent of them that are invading the border towns being ten or under.  I do not have a problem helping the true children, but what about those that are coming in that are self-proclaimed Gang Bangers from MS13?  They are one of the most known and most violent gangs in Mexico & many are connected to the cartels.  We also have people coming from countries that have been on terrorist watch lists.  America just opens the border & welcome these people in.  How long before we have the wars right here on our own streets that are going on in other countries like El Salvador? 

Go talk with the ranchers on the Border & ask them what it is costing them just to clean up the mess being left from all the people crossing illegally.  You also need to ask the American citizens that have been shot at or attacked in their own houses or on their own land and listen to the stories.  Once you have read and become educated over who is really coming over the border then tell me all about the poor innocent kids at the border, I think you will find there are very few “true kids” coming through. 

This has not even touched on the cost to treat the diseases we had not only gotten under control many years ago, but basically eradicated, that are now being brought into & started back up in this country.  Some of these diseases are fatal with no cure.

The problems are not only from a housing, medical, or feeding perspective, but they also affect our education.  Presently, money that used to be spent on teaching our children the fine arts, music, gym, and basic life skills have had to be cut to help fund the ESL program.  We do not even teach cursive writing in schools anymore, but we do offer English as a Second language for all these children who cannot just start going to school, as they cannot speak English.  When immigrants were coming through Ellis Island many years ago they were expected to assimilate.  They learned English on their own.  They didn’t expect everything to be printed in two different languages, have special classes just for them, or such.  They thought coming to America was such a privilege they would do whatever it took to become a citizen the legal way. 

One of the last problems I will cover is how this influx of illegal immigrants is taking jobs away from citizens of this country.  I have been told by many people that they have tried to apply for jobs at auto part stores, food service and restaurants, retail, etc., and they were turned down because they were not bilingual.  Since when did it become a prerequisite to get a job in America you have to also speak Spanish?  This country is filled with legal immigrants from all over the world who speak all types of dialects, but the only ethnic group that expects to be catered to is the illegal immigrants coming from the South.  Have you ever thought about how much extra items now cost you because of the packaging having to be rewritten so both English and Spanish are printed on them?  Have you been in any stores lately where you couldn’t even read the signage because it was all in Spanish?  I do not understand this.

The main issue is the illegal immigrant problem does affect us personally.  It is affecting our children and grandchildren.  It is affecting our way of life and our freedom.  As a Libertarian I believe in less government and more freedom, but when it comes to the border situation we need laws enforced that are already in place, finding ways to stop the incentives that make the illegals want to come to this country, and figure out how take back control of this great country of ours before it is too late. 

Second Amendment

With the Constitution of the United States Saying in plain English, “The right of the People to Keep & bear Arms, Shall NOT be Infringed.” This right is being attacked all across America; Many States have stepped up & told the federal Government. To stay out of the States Business I Promise to stand firmly with any Law abiding Gun Owner in the state to protect our inalienable rights to bear arms, this right has been reported ably noted in several Instances to protect the country. I believe it was Japanese that stated that invading the US would not go well as there was a gun behind every Blade of grass.


I Believe Every Individual has the right to make decisions for themselves. I believe that individuals need to be responsible for every decision they make, personally, abortion should never be used in place of “Birth Control” That is My Opinion of which is Mine Alone. I used to be Pro-Life. One day I realized how could I believe in the Death Penalty & Be Pro-life. I understand they are dealing with different situations in life but both are similar in, I am deciding someone's death. Again it is not up to the Government to interfere in an individuals affairs.


District 10 is a very diverse community. Children in our district deserve an Education that Prepares them for Jobs in the Workplace or to go on to Higher Education. Schools all over Tarrant County range in scale from Above average to Failing to meet the Basic academic standards. The State must continue to work Toward Better Academic Standards in our Public schools. We are continually loosing Great Educators to the corporate World, teachers with excellent abilities have left the Academic World because of the way we rate the teacher on a scale that actually has no basis in whether a teacher does a good Job or not but whether a student passes a Standardized test that is not only, comparing apples & oranges but doing neither Justice. We want excellent Teachers while wanting to Pay minimum Money, based on a faulty rating scale. Instead of bringing the poorer schools up in rank we allow those with funds & time to camp out & transfer their students to another school, Overloading certain schools & making others un- fundable the school boards should be made up of Teachers in the districts, Knowing the situations Not Mgmt people sitting in offices that have No real contact with the Students. With people actually involved in the Education process it will allow for Better Ideas to Flow In ways to create the Better schools in the district with more advanced Teachers sharing with those of the lesser schools, creating a more balanced group of teachers & Better scores in the district as a whole. Some Students are destined to go to college but then some aren't & testing all the same way does neither student good.


"We believe that marijuana prohibition financially burdens taxpayers, encroaches upon civil liberties, engenders disrespect for the law, and disproportionately impacts students, lower income classes, African Americans, and other ethnic minorities who bear the brunt of cannabis arrests and prosecutions. The responsible consumption of marijuana by adults in private should not be defined as criminal behavior deserving of arrest, potential jail time, a criminal record, and the lifelong stigma that accompanies it. Criminalizing marijuana is a disproportionate response to what, at worst, is a health issue, not a criminal justice issue."